I studied Clarinet (performance) at the London College of Music under the direction of Peter Thompson and then continued my studies for many years with David Campbell. It was David’s enthusiasm that sparked my interest in chamber music and contemporary music, as well as a passion for music education. In addition to performances with the Wessex Clarinet Quartet, I am a founder member of the Helicon Ensemble (Clarinet, ‘Cello and Piano) with many performances throughout the UK over the past 20 years, I also perform regularly as a freelance musician in the South West.

Away from performance, I have developed a busy teaching career and have a fairly unique set of qualifications. Whist at the London College of Music I gained both the Associate and Licentiate Diplomas in Clarinet Performance (ALCM and LLCM). In 1991 I passed the Certificate of Teaching from the Associated Board (CT ABRSM) under the mentorship the Clarinettist Angela Fussell, and in 2011 completed a Master’s Degree in Instrumental Teaching (MA) at the University of Reading. Following on from this I completed my MEd at the UCL Institute of Education, London, under the supervision of Dr Andrea Creech.

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Performance has always been an important element of my career. Read here for more details.



I have an interest in music psychology and what motivates us to learn and perform.


Klezmer Project

With an interest in Klezmer music, this is my latest project.